Reiki Levels or Degrees

       Reiki training is commonly structured in a series of three Levels or Degrees:  Level 1 or 1st Degree, Level 2 or 2nd Degree and Level 3 or 3rd  Degree, this being the Master/Teacher Level. Some Reiki Masters break up the training into 4 levels. The levels are then called Level 1, Level 2, Level 3a and Level 3b/ Level 4.

       Attunement is usually given during the teaching period of Reiki. As one progresses and moves to the higher Levels or Degrees, there is a noticeable difference in the awareness of sensations and increase in personal power. Each level requires an attunement. Some Masters may use a series of attunements.

      The Reiki courses with 4 levels are the ones where Level 3a is called Advanced Reiki Techniques (ART). You learn techniques to increase and strengthen the connection with Reiki. You do not, however, learn to give initiations/ attunements to others. In such courses, you learn the process of attunement in the 3b or 4th Level.

       Traditionally, there are only 3 levels to learning Reiki. You learn the attunement/ initiation process in the 3rd Level. It must be understood that the levels are not Reiki. The use of levels in Reiki is simply a way of breaking up Reiki training into sizes that are easier to learn.

       Your selection of a Reiki Practitioner/ Master to learn Reiki from is of utmost importance. It is believed that you attract to yourself the Master who will work for your highest good. I suggest, don’t search frantically for a Master, just let your intuition guide you i.e. follow your gut feeling.  

       Do something amazing and life-changing life today, learn Reiki! Allow yourself to begin a new and exciting journey in life, and become enlightened.

       Happy Reikiing!