Intuitive Readings

       An intuitive reading is based on YOUR questions and on what is important to you. We can explore potentials, passions of the heart, paths of journeys, belief patterns, and any other directions you are interested in exploring. In a reading, the intention is to offer you a gift of insight for furthering your potential and understanding of your life’s journey.
The Universe is a constant state of change and shifts of energy, and it’s my desire to help you see that potentiality, and discover who you are and where you are headed.
       An Intuitive Reading provides great information about who you are as a spirit and your path in this lifetime. Blocks to your growth can be revealed and released.  When you have insight into your blockages, you gain clarity to change your challenges into opportunities.  When you have validation for who you are and what you are creating and learning in your life, healing and progress occur naturally.
Since everything is made of energy, it is possible to connect with a person’s energy by using their name, picture, an object or many other ways. There is no time or space in the spirit realm, so I am able to connect with your energy wherever you are exactly as if you were right there with me.
       The readings that I offer are a combination of my own intuitive insights and the messages your spiritual team conveys to me through my own spiritual helpers. In a reading, I focus on a specific question you might have and I do healing as needed.  Your future changes and grows as you do, and for this reason I work with you on your present path too.  I do both phone, email  and in person consultations.

What to expect from a reading

       It is common for people to want to explore a specific area of uncertainty in your life such as a person/people in your life, life direction, connection with past events, emotional stagnation, health issues and so on. 

       I live in Bangalore, India. I do Divine Card Readings and Intuitive Readings. I am a Clairvoyant and offer Spiritual Guidance. You can phone or email me. The details are in the ‘Contact Me’ page.

       It’s good if you come prepared with questions as it always helps initiate the session in the direction you want to explore.  Sometimes, there are readings with clients where areas of major importance come up and take the place of priority over the questions asked. A client may come in with a prepared question, but it is only a matter of time before the question in their heart (this is the actual question they need answers to!) comes out.  Usually this is driven by the “higher self”, telling me that something specific needs to be addressed immediately.  This is natural and occurs very frequently during readings. When this happens, it’s absolutely alright with me because you will receive the guidance you are actually looking for!

INTUITIVE READING: $25.00 (Rs.1000/-) Acceptance Mark

       Can be done over the phone, in person or by email shanusinghal@gmail.com !