Energy Clearing

       Intuitive counseling services are available for clearing of energies and conditions not conducive to your highest good, including clearing of harmful/unpleasant energy zones.

       Sometimes, energy that does not work for your highest good attaches itself to your home, work-place, etc. I can help you locate and clear away energies. Such energies become blocks in your path of progress. They could affect your work/business, children, relationships, pets, etc. These energies do not let you move forward in life. Needless to say, you really don’t need these energies around you!! I identify the areas in your home, work-place or anywhere else that such energy exists and clear it away. The process is completed when I infuse the area with positive energy that will work for your highest good.

       If your house doesn’t feel quite right or if you’ve never felt at home there or if you just feel it could use an energy clearing, you can contact me and set up an Energy Clearing session. Houses collect a lot of energy from visitors and the residents themselves. Often you ‘inherit’ the energy from the previous owners of your home. Some houses literally feel crowded from the layers of energy due to many years of accumulation.

       If you feel your business could be more successful or you’d like it to be more in line with who you are or if you feel your business could do with better communication with both employees and clients, then your business needs an Energy Clearing.

       In an Energy Clearing Consultation, I look at your home or business energetically, giving you a reading on what the current energies are and what needs changing.  I will clear your home or business space of energies/influences not conducive to your highest good. I work to clear any blockages, unwanted energies, release energy of past events and people. Then I infuse the space with energy that will be beneficial for you. After a house healing, your home typically feels more spacious, clearer, warm and welcoming.

       An Energy Clearing is a wonderful way to start life in a new house. When moving into the new house is the best time to get done an Energy Clearing!

This can only be done in person. Phone at +91-9880288813 or +91-080-23684423 or email me for your request.