Divine Card Readings

       My greatest wish is to help people live their lives to the fullest potential so that they may fulfil their divine purpose. Divine cards are an ancient divination tool that will allow you to clearly receive messages from God. These cards are infused with the energy of Divine light and love, so rest assured that they are safe, positive, and amazingly accurate. I have found that the guidance the these Cards provide is perfect for when you are pondering over the path you should take or to confirm a decision you’ve arrived upon.

       Many people have reported feeling a force preventing them from doing something that later would’ve proven harmful. Some people experience an instinct or feeling to do something. There have also been experiences of someone suddenly coming into a person’s life at a time of crisis, and after that crisis has passed, vanishing without a trace. We all may have noticed a ‘conscience’ telling us right from wrong. It could be that those of us that are more instinctive or intuitive than others are purely more in touch with the Divine Energy, God, possibly without even knowing it.

What are Divine Card Readings?

       A Divine Card Reading gives you Divine guidance to develop your personal power and bring peace to your troubled heart. They will assist you with your personal and spiritual development and healing in matters of relationships, finances, career and finding your life purpose.

       In addition, Divine Readings assist you in identifying the situations, emotions and choices in your life that prevent you from realizing your full potential and preventing you from manifesting your dreams.

       A Divine Reading may also confirm what you already know and will therefore assist you and give you confidence in making the necessary choices/changes that you need to make in your life to bring about healing and peace.

      A Divine reading is a practical way of tapping into the loving guidance of the Supreme source and also brings you divine messages in response to your needs. This guidance is very powerful and can bring tremendous healing in any situation in your life.

       Divine Readings differ from other types of readings, in that the goal is to help guide people back on their spiritual path or further along that journey in a way that is loving and accepting of you, no matter who you are. The focus of the information is on your personal and spiritual growth. The messages are conveyed in a non-judgmental manner and are meant to make clear to you the situation you have enquired about. You are a spiritual being on a physical journey. They give suggestions in clearing blockages in your life and may provide you with simple tools to help you create the life you desire.

       To be an authentic Divine Card Reader, your heart must be of true intent. I have made a commitment to providing the people that come to me with the messages I get for them. As a Divine Card Reader, I only read the communications meant for you. I have performed many readings for family and friends with these cards. They are the basis of my work. They have always been wonderfully accurate and helpful.

       I have been providing readings for friends and clients for many years now and have decided to share my services via the internet. When you order a Divine Card Reading, you may request any of the kinds of readings that are listed below. I may ask you to send me a very specific question that you would like answered. It is alright to give as much information on the situation as possible. Please be as specific as possible, general questions often produce vague answers.

       You will find that sometimes the messages are straightforward and sometimes the answers don’t make sense right away. But, experience has shown that if you sit with the answers and think them over in your mind for a while, the vision will become clear. Sometimes it may take you a day, week or month to figure out the full meaning of the message. You may not understand the message instantly, but one day the answer will dawn on you out of the blue.

       You have the power to change things in your life. Although the cards love guiding us so that we make the right decisions in our life, they cannot interfere with our free will. They are there to assist and will only help if we ask them for help. God gave us a free will so that we may have a say in what and who we attract into our lives. In the end it is up to you. You are free to choose to take their advice or not. It is always your choice.

       It is up to you to remember that nothing is set in stone. Follow the path that inspires you most, the one you feel in your heart. Find the passion, courage and inner strength and follow it through to the final outcome, because this is your soul’s journey, the divine purpose and your reason for being here at this point in time.

       I don’t give you just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. I hope to supply you with much to think about. Before I do a reading, I ask the Divine Source for their guidance and also ask that the readings be for your highest good. I provide you with information that they wish to convey. It is the cards’ message(s) that I will be conveying to you, I am merely their message bearer. The messages are always loving, supportive, healing, encouraging, and sometimes humorous. Their desire is to assist us in making the best decisions we can for our spiritual growth and evolution.

       It is common for people to usually ask for guidance in all areas of their life: career, romance, marriage, health, relationships etc. I will use different spreads depending on your question. There are a number of spreads you can choose from. The spreads are detailed below. Read through them and see which Reading you want.

       I will need your first name, your detailed question and any circumstances or background information you are willing to share. I will then channel your energy to the cards and ask them to help me with your question.

       The Divine cards will then help guide me through the messages toward providing you with information that can be beneficial. Sometimes it may not be the answer you are looking for but it will always be the message you are meant to hear.

       For each reading, I will endeavour to hear all the messages and guidance with the sincerest intent to enlighten. My sincere desire is that you are inspired and blessed by the answers you receive.

       I asked my cards how to help anyone who needs divine guidance and got my answer. And thus, I am here!

Choose a Reading from here:
Career Reading

       For questions like: Do you like your present career? Want to know what is holding you back from moving forward to higher positions? What step should I take next in my career? Is this new business idea a good idea? This reading is for you! The cards tell you what steps to take right now, how you can help others and also about the job’s purpose with regard to your life.

Relationship Reading

       Relationships can be amazing, complicated, simple, meaningful and incredible. If you want the divine guidance on your current relationship, whether it is with your partner, co-worker, boss, sibling or parent, friendship, in-laws and so on, this is the reading you must choose! In this reading you learn about you and the one you share a relationship with- strengths, weaknesses, connection that you share, karma affecting your relationship, desire to maintain the relationship, positive & negative aspects, challenges, probable outcome, etc.

Abundance Attraction Reading

       What is holding back prosperity and abundance in your life? When will the money come in? What can you do to make more money? What blocks do you need to overcome to have greater financial success? Will you make more money soon? If your mind is full of questions like these, then this is the reading for you! The divine cards help you understand and invite in the flow of goodness. You’ll receive the information necessary to find out how to bring abundance back into your life. The reading tells you your current beliefs about abundance, shows you your block to abundance; presents the cards’ advice on how to overcome that block and bring more abundance into your life, shows the outcome of following the cards’ advice and also shows you how to keep abundance flowing in your life.

       This reading is very helpful because it empowers you with your personal Key to Abundance…anytime abundance stops flowing in your life, turning back to reread this reading will empower you to make the right choices to keep that prosperity coming!

New Love Reading

       You haven’t met the love of your life yet and want to know: When will I meet my partner? What issues do I need to work on in order to attract a partner? Or, how will I meet my partner? You must pick this reading if your questions are like this! This reading tells you about the other person’s blocks, your blocks, how to prepare to meet your new partner, divine guidance on how to heal these blocks and also their message about this new relationship.

Soul mate Reading

       This reading is for you if you want to know the answers to questions such as: Is he/she my soul mate? How does this person really feel about me? What can I do to improve my relationship with my loved one? Where is this relationship headed? This reading tells you about the blocks in your relationship, purpose of the relationship, divine guidance and the probable outcome based on current circumstances.

Life Purpose Reading:

       This is the reading for you as you are looking for your Divine Life Purpose. This reading tells you about what you have learned in the past, what you are currently learning, suggests what steps for you to take now, discovers how you can best help others and shows your life purpose.

Karmic Reading

       Everyone knows that karma affects our life path. But, how? What are my karmic debts to others? Where do I fit into the society? Why don’t I get along with my family? Why am I filled with mental turmoil? This is the reading for you if you are looking for information on your Karmic exchange. This reading tells you about the karma that needs to be worked out with your family, within yourself and within the outside world. You learn about progress you may make with your family, within yourself and in the outside world. And you also find out the probable future outcome regarding your relations within your family and in the outside world.

Spiritual Reading

       This reading is best for activities you are involved with or want to know if you should get involved with. In this special reading you learn about the spiritual protection you have, spiritual guidance that you get, your greatest weakness, greatest strength, lessons on your path ahead, influences, how to learn from the lessons and understand the path and where you want to be upon completion. This is a great reading as it tells you about your innermost circle of protection and guidance.

What the Divine Cards want you to know Reading

       This is a truly magical reading! I have had many experiences in which you discover lots of surprising things about yourself or your situation. The cards know what’s in your heart and they tell you about the general theme of the day, situation or relationship that’s uppermost in your heart. When you simply don’t know what to ask the cards but you want to receive their insights, this is the reading for you. Your question may be: What would the cards like me to know about today? Or, what would the cards like to tell me about this upcoming event/situation? They tell you about possible blocks, they give you guidance on how to overcome this block and the probable outcome based on current thoughts and circumstances.

Past Life Reading:

       Are you struggling with the same problem over and over again? Do you have a repeated pattern that you just cannot seem to break? Do you suspect that it has ties to a past life? It could be an unresolved issue with a past relationship, your ideas and thoughts surrounding money and abundance, or another issue that you just cannot seem to understand in your life. This reading gives you some details that may have been part of your past life. The cards show whether you were possibly male or female, your partnerships, family, achievement, spirituality. The reading tells you about the fears and joys of society at that time, karmic pattern of life, the karma brought forward to this life and its possible effects on your past, present and future. This is quite an in depth reading and answers the commonly asked questions about a person’s past life.

Looking Ahead Reading

       This reading is great for when you have questions like: What is coming up for me? Or, will my life become smoother soon? The cards tell you about your present, the current situation you are dealing with; the immediate future with regard to the event/situation you asked about and the future three months ahead. This is a wonderful reading as it is seemingly limitless! This reading can tell you up to a year of your future and more! When you request this reading, I will do the reading for up to a year. If you are interested in a reading for more years, you will need to request for another reading. And another one and so on till you reach the satisfactory year!

Receive guidance and encouragement from the Divine Cards. Can be done over the phone, in person or by email!

       Email your question to shanusinghal@gmail.comand after your payment, expect your reading as soon as possible.

       I live in Bangalore, India. I do Divine Card Readings and Intuitive Readings. I am a Clairvoyant and offer Spiritual Guidance. You can phone or email me. The details are in the ‘Contact Me’ page. If you live in Bangalore or can visit, it would be great!

       DIVINE CARD READING for one reading: $25.00 (Rs.1000/-) Acceptance Mark