Code of  Ethics of a Reiki Healer

       All Reiki healers must follow the Reiki ethical code that has been laid out for them. The Reiki ethical code lays out what the relationship between the practitioner and the client should be. It is a code of conduct that the practitioner should follow at all times. Violating it would amount to breach of trust between the healer and the client. Given below is a brief description of the ethical code for Reiki healers:

  • Absolute confidentiality between a practitioner and the client must be maintained at any cost and no information should be disclosed to an outsider. Anything that is discussed between the two should not be disclosed.
  • Any personal detail of the client, including their name/address, should never be revealed to others, unless the practitioner has permission from the client to do so. The healer cannot even verify or confirm the fact that a particular person had been his client, except if he has the client’s consent.
  • A Reiki practitioner should provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for client sessions.
  • A client should always be treated with respect and honor.
  • A Reiki practitioner must give a description to the client beforehand regarding what the client would experience before, during and after the session.
  • A Reiki practitioner should respect the opinions, views and methods of all other practitioners. He has the freedom to decide to learn from them. He should always give his services rightly.
  • A practitioner should educate clients on the value of Reiki to the clients and make clear that sessions do not guarantee complete healing or recovery.
  • A practitioner should inform the client that Reiki is not a substitute for professional medical care and explain that Reiki treatments are holistic in nature.
  • The healer should find out whether the client is undergoing any medical treatment. If the practitioner thinks that a client requires professional medical attention then he should suggest to the client that he consult a professional medical care provider. Reiki is a wonderful complement to medical treatment and the practitioner must be aware of past, current and ongoing medical treatments of their client.
  • The healer should never diagnose or prescribe treatment to the client or interfere with on going medical treatment.
  • A Reiki Practitioner can never ask his clients to undress. The practitioner should never touch sensitive areas, including genitals or breasts. While healing such parts, he should use only hands-off techniques.
  • A healer should work on his own healing so as to embody and express the essence of Reiki in everything they do.